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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Resolutions or friends

Wednesday January 27, 2010: The Book launch! Can’t think of anything else it seems. One more extremely busy day that began on a manic note tying loose ends for the mega event. Last week my resolution was to stay off parties and social events till the Book Launch is over. Well, what transpired left me wondering about how much control do we really have over ourselves. Perhaps, it is foolish to make resolutions when you don’t always live for your own self.
On Sunday Jan 24th I was at Arindam Sil’s launch party straight from my office. He is too good a friend for any resolution to stop me. He has selflessly supported my social projects and I value his friendship a lot.
Again, today Jan 27th eve was the same story. I had to skip work to attend Sanatan Dinda’s solo exhibition at Hyatt. Sanatan is a fantastic artist and two of his masterpieces, a painting and a sculpture, adorn my house. 
Sanatan’s superb creativity is surpassed only by the kindness of his heart. I was overwhelmed when he introduced me to the legendary Ustad Amjad Ali Khan as the “strength behind his solo exhibition”. Filmmaker Gautam Halder also put in some very good words about me to Ustad ji. My ties with Sanatan go a long way back when I did an event with him. I remember Mani Shankar Aiyar, the then Youth Affairs Minister, drawing sketches on a canvas with Calcutta youth achievers and the final touches were given by Sanatan.
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  1. There's really no good answer when it comes to choosing between resolutions or friends. Breaking or denying any one is bound to leave you restless.

  2. Sundeep is a true friend. It was years before when I had met him at our common friend Roopa Ganguly's house. Sundeep has this great power to see the potential in a person and bring the best out of him. He had identified my interest in working for social causes and inducted me into his world of social commitment and activities. what started as quite a professional relationship, did not take long to turn into a friendship and family bonding. Sundeep has inspired me to launch my production house Noyhing Beyond Cinema and have stood by in great support. Thanks Sundeep, I take this oportunity. May our camarederie result in working for more fruitful causes for the society.

  3. sorry, please read as Nothing Beyond Cinema

  4. Sundeep is Kolkata's best host for sure......for not many people can convince chef Imtiaz Qureshi to cook veg kebabs....that apart...if one wants to know anything about anyone who is someone in Kolkata, Sundeep is the person.....from the glitterati to bureacracy....Sundeep knows them all......

  5. Sundeep I have known you for more than two decades, it doesn't surprise me one bit that you have achieved what you have single handedly...
    What really surprises me is that how you manage to keep all friendships alive whether it is the most ordinary person or the most powerful one.