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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winter sojourn in Delhi

During my winter sojourn in Delhi I try to meet up with all my friends and acquaintances. I go for walks in Lodhi Gardens, visit the Mont Blanc shop in Hotel Maurya Sheraton, make it a point to watch the Parliamentary Budget presentation and few sessions, see some theatres and engage in good addas over lunches and dinners with people from different walks of life. Yesterday, I had tea with Kavita Sharma, Director, India International Centre, met over lunch with Amajeet Banerjee who happens to be everybody’s friend whether anybody is his friend or not and spoke on phone with Ina Puri. I have known Ina for the past 15 years. She was in Kolkata when I was in college. It was because of her that I developed a keen interest in art and artists.
Recently, she was in Kolkata for the inauguration of a very impressive art gallery (by Kolkata standards) at the Harrington Street. Ina’s ideas have shaped the gallery. She has a very good taste for art and is very well connected with many artists. I also met Sri Ganesh Haloi after a long time at the Harrington Street Gallery that day.
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  1. Your effort for the Women Writers of Asia was really appreciating