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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Personal touch

Yesterday evening Aparna Sen and Kalyan Ray came to my home for dinner. I was an enchanting evening in which I was deeply impressed with the knowledge of movies and literature of Kalyan Ray. He told me that he used to watch 300 movies in a year. He also shared with us some very interesting stories about International cinema. As a professor some of his quotes are remarkable.
I received a gift yesterday from one of our family friends celebrating the birth of their grandson. It was a huge finely crafted wooden box with a toy horse embossed on the top (picture). Full of curiosity I opened it and there was an icebox made of thermocol. When I opened the cover of the icebox it was full of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream of six different flavours. I was pleasantly surprised and was amazed by the personal touch behind the effort. Ice cream on the occasion of newborn baby. wow!  ....  what else could have been a better choice.
Getting an item that needs refrigeration delivered to so many friends and relatives during summers in India is no easy job and reflects the person touch behind the gesture. Ben & Jerry’s is a premium ice cream brand that is not yet available in Kolkata.
Listening about this gift while Aparna di savoured the ice cream, Kalyan da commented that it was sweet in every sense of it.
Today evening I shall attend the film premier of Shukna Lanka in which I have an appearance as Sundeep Bhutoria in one of the shots (picture: Sabyasachi Chakraborty in one of the scenes from the movie). I remember while shooting that scene in St Xavier’s
College I got a first hand opportunity to see for myself the making of a film (picture: Arindam Sil and Mithun da at the sets of Shukna Lanka). 
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