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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Old times

I got an email inquiring if I were the same Sundeep Bhutoria whom she used to know. I was surprised to see the name of the sender. She was someone I had had no contact whatsoever in 20 years. Actually I don't even remember her face and I am sure similar is the case with her since she failed to recognize me from my picture on the blog which she chanced upon while surfing the net.
My uncle with whom I used to stay in Delhi was her father's friend and I have vivid memories of the joint outings our families had.
I talked to her over phone and there was this flashback to my primary school days. I was always a stage person and an active participant in the extra curricular activities of the school. I still have my Class III report card in which our Principal had remarked about I being an ".... intelligent but very naughty student".
I even remember that her father had given me a green shirt on Diwali which I had worn at the annual function or some school competition (picture).
I never thought that one day we'd be in touch once again. It is said that your school friends are the best friends. But is today's hectic world how many of us manage to be in the same city or place for long to be among childhood friends.
It was a very different feeling talking to someone from my early school days and it stirred up childhood memories.
Thanks to the net and the blogs.
ess bee 

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