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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A view to a life

Today morning went to the Park View Clinic to pay a visit to Dr Sudeep Chatterjee who owns this clinic near Gorky Sadan. I am visiting him for the past 10 years now and I find him very knowledgeable and always abreast of the latest developments the field of medicines (file picture).
While crossing the reception at the hospital an old gentleman who works in the hospital approached me and asked my name as I was familiar to him by sight. He told me that he would be very grateful if he could become a member of Pronam – an initiative for the senior citizens with which I am associated.
The elderly gentleman’s problem was that his residence was not in the Kolkata Police area and technically he could not enrol as a member of Pronam. He informed me that his elder brother and other friends were members of Pronam and that he too wanted to become a member. He said that he keeps on hearing about the facilities and entertainment programs that Pronam organises for its members. I took his details and assured him that I would see what best I could do.
At the last Sunday’s function, the Kolkata Police Commissioner in his speech requested The Bengal to work out the possibility to extend Pronam’s services to the nearby areas under the jurisdiction of Kolkata Police.
After this morning’s incident, I will take up the matter with the concerned authorities once I complete my Malaysia visit.
While at the Hospital, I met Dr Gupta for the first time and he inquired about our project Karuna. We had a good conversation on the prevailing situation of stray dogs and other pets in Kolkata. Dr Gupta is himself a dog lover and is associated with many dog lovers’ organisations in the city. He also does free operations on dogs in need for care. He has a vast knowledge of organisations caring for dogs and providing other related activities. He said he was following project Karuna since its inception.
Both this pleasant encounters in the morning was a sort of compliment for the social work that I have undertaken that is somewhere somehow benefiting others.
Some of my friends often say why I should waste my time doing all these activities instead of expanding my family business and industries. I always tell them that my social activities give me a kind of satisfaction that my business ventures have never been able to give. I know they don’t get it but have come to accept me the way I am.
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