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Monday, August 9, 2010

When eyes speak

It was an amazing event that not only surprised us but also aroused a groundswell of emotions that would remain etched in our memories forever.
A band of talented young-at-heart elderly citizens of 65 to 95 years performing to rapturous applause would be a rare sight anywhere in the world. Such was the cultural programme that made my day on Sunday.
The programme was organised by Pronam members at the Bodyguard Lines auditorium of the Kolkata Police. It was the brainchild of some of the members of Pronam, all senior citizens, who wanted to perform.
Though yesterday’s programme was only for the members from the north and central Kolkata for administrative reasons, a similar programme for the members from south Kolkata and port area would be organised after three months.
At the outset we weren’t very sure how the programme would unfold. So we did not call the media and guests for the event. But the programme by the elderly was simply fantastic and surprised us beyond our imagination. The two-and-half-hour programme, that included everything from playing the guitar, sitar, tabla to songs and recital of poetry, passed off in a jiffy.
It was an eye-opener for many of us who are members of The Bengal and other Kolkata Police personnel who were lucky to attend the function.
The atmosphere was emotionally charged and at the end of the programme member after member from the audience showered praises and lauded the venerable elderly performers who enthralled us and held us spell bound. There was a certain tenderness is the feelings expressed by the eyes and smiles of the elderly that was worth a thousand compliments.
There are moments when words fail us, our eyes speak.
ess bee

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