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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Facebook - not my cup of tea!

Pawan Ruia at Hyatt 2007
KFF Farewell Party

In Delhi, I had dinner yesterday at the Kebab Factory in Hotel Radisson. The last time I had dinner at  Kebab Factory was at the Radisson Chennai sometime around 2001 or 2002. I don't exactly remember about the food to draw a comparison with yesterday's spread. But I can say that it was good in terms of menu and taste. Unlike Kolkata, the dining-out culture is very high in Delhi.
I saw the movie Social Network and found it was quite interesting. No doubt Facebook is now one of the most popular medium of keeping in touch these days. I am not on the Facebook and neither do I intend to be on it at the moment. My friends from all walks of life, especially from the film and glamour clan, often send me email invites and requests to be on the Facebook. Many times they have told me in person about it. But I tell them to visit my blog to know the latest about myself and my whereabouts.
It is a fact that breach of privacy is a gift by mankind that is growing exponentially with the help of newer technologies and inventions, foraying into our private worlds.
I heard that yesterday the Kolkata Film Festival Farewell Party was hosted by Pawan Ruia. In 2007 he had hosted a party on November 16, a day before the annual party that I had organised. I remember that when I greeted him at the gate at Hyatt (picture), he commented that he was supposed to leave for Singapore but had heard so much about my party that he wanted to see the theme and had postponed his trip for a day.

I will not be able to attend the two functions in spite of re-scheduling my itinerary. First, the wedding of a close journalist friend Narendra Sharma's daughter at Churu today evening. Second, the inauguration of Society of Visual Arts & Design at Sonajhury Pally, Shantiniketan tomorrow on November 19th. Jwahar Sircar would be there along with Sankha Ghosh and Sunil Ganguly.
Jogen Chowdhury is the general secretary of the Society.
I wanted to attend these two occasions but had to decline as I was to leave for my overseas trip. Now I shall miss both the occasions with no working agenda nor commitments and being very much in the country contrary to my earlier plans.
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