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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Man proposes God disposes

Hotel Hyatt Regency Delhi. I was supposed to be in Montreal at the time of writing this blog, however, I am here in Delhi. Just before my departure for the airport, I got a call that one of my relatives in Delhi suffered a stroke and was admitted in an surgical ICU. No one was sure whether it was the brain, heart or some other and rushed to Delhi.
My aunt, who lives in Montreal and with whom I was to stay, will now come to Delhi. This is the third time in the last two months that my North America trip had to be cancelled in the last minute. As a result, I have to miss an important executive meeting of WFUNA in New York. This meeting happens twice every year and this year it clashed with the Kolkata Film Festival. This is one of the reasons for not hosting the Film Festival Farewell Party. It will be very problematic because as a treasurer I needed to give details of financial planning. But I plan to organise a tele or video conference with the Secretariat. These emergencies come unannounced.
I need to cancel a large number of meetings, lectures, interactions etc., that was planned out in advance. What can a man do when God wills otherwise. Man proposes God disposes.
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