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Saturday, January 1, 2011

First day of New Year and Birla temple

I reached Kolkata from Jaipur last night around 11:30 pm. I always spend the New Year eve at home as those raw raucous parties does not interest me at all. Today morning I went to the Birla Mandir. I have been visiting the Birla Mandir in Kolkata on first day of the New Year when I am in city.
Surprisingly, every year I have noticed that there are hardly any devotees or visitors during the early morning hours. Thanks to the 31st late night revelries. Otherwise, the Mandir draws a lot of crowd.
I got married in Mandir's Yagyashala (picture). My marriage is the only marriage that has been held at this temple till date. I remember at that time I was an activist against anti-dowry and flamboyant weddings the encouraged conspicuous-spending.
Those families whose marriages I had protested against were keenly watching my wedding plans. I had resolved to solemnise my marriage in a temple without any reception. There were 11 guests each from my side and my wife's family. I was under lot of pressure to go for a big fat Indian wedding as marriages are supposed to be a social statement and one of those occasions to flaunt one's status.
I have always been grateful to the Birla family for giving me the permission to get married in the Birla Mandir and also for providing all the necessary support. On returning from the temple, I had south Indian food at Hotel Raj Restaurant near Basusree cinema hall. This was the first restaurant where I went for outing when I shifted to Kolkata around 1990-91. I think visiting my first restaurant in Kolkata on the first day of the New Year makes emotional sense. Tomorrow I shall fly to Jaipur again.
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