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Monday, March 21, 2011

Holi and Dol

Smt Sita Sagar, Sampat Saral, Mahendra Ajnabi, Pradeep Choubey and Surendra Sharma
Every year the Holi weekend is always full of interesting programmes and events. This time there was the reception of the Ireland and Dutch cricket teams at The Oberoi Grand organised jointly by Mahendra K Jalan and Namit Shah, the Honorary Consuls of Ireland and Holland in Kolkata respectively.
Though I know very little about cricket, I attended the reception as Mr Jalan is known to me. The Irish Ambassador to India, His Excellency Kenneth Thompson and Dutch Ambassador to India, His Excellency Bob Hiench were also there.
I greeted them and the Irish Ambassador introduced me to the Captain of the Ireland cricket team William Porterfield (picture).
I attended all the programmes on dol and Holi. I also attended various kavi sammelans at Kalamandir and Birla Sabhahagar. In fact, on the 18th evening I hosted a dinner for the visiting Kavis (pictures) at my residence. Surendra Sharma, Pradeep Choubey, Mahendra Ajnabi, Sampat Saral and Kaviyatri Sita Sagar came for the dinner a little late after completing their program at the Calcutta Swimming Club.
I have known and met all of them earlier, except for Sita Sagar whom I heard for the first time. 
I really liked her choice of Hindi words. On 19th morning I went to the Sunny Park residence of Mr P R Agarwal of Rupa & Co. Every year, early in the morning, Mr Agarwal organises this Holi meet over breakfast. 
All the leading city industrialists turn up in full strength. Later in the evening, I missed the Bhojpuri songs program at Dilip Jaisawal's residence.
On Sunday evening I attended the Holi Utsav at Dona Ganguly's residence. This is perhaps the only function in Kolkata which happens in traditional Shantiniketan style.
This time, with elections in the air, lot of political colours were also evident alongside Holi.
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