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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Candidate or the Party!

Frankfurt airport Lufthansa lounge: I arrived here from Kolkata en route to Canada. Gautam Ghosh was also with me on the same flight on his way to Philadelphia.
We were both in transit and had few hours to ourselves. We discussed about Kolkata not being connected by many International flights leaving people with no other option but to make a detour via Delhi or Mumbai.
I think this situation prevails because Kolkata has failed to assert itself and exert adequate pressure to ensure that all important airlines of the world touch base. 

How many of us or our government have put in an effort like Sanjay Budhia (picture), Honorary Consul for Malaysia in Kolkata, to persuade and prevail upon Air Asia CEO Mr Tony Fernandes from withdrawing the direct Kolkata-Kuala Lumpur flight.
While entering the lounge I picked up The Global Mail that is published from Canada. The front page carried a report on the pre-election debate between Jack Layton, Michael Ignatieff, Gills Duceppe and prime minister Stephen Harper. This set me thinking about the Bengal elections that would be over by middle of next month.
I wonder why we always vote for the party and not for the candidates. The argument "because of ideology" is passe. If everyone voted like ideologues there would be no change in the government - local or federal. Many parties change their ideology from time to time like the Marxists who became little pro-industrial since the last decade.
I always feel absence of good people has made politics bad. Why not vote for an individual and his qualities instead of the party? Hasn't India reached a stage where personal qualifications, abilities and skills are important for running the nation?
Well, if there can be coalition of parties why not a coalition of individuals. I have always had excellent relations with many individuals who belong to different political parties and hosted them on various occasions at home or organised functions with them. My so called well-wishers have often branded me as being with the RSS, sometimes with the Maxists, several times with the Congress and recently with the Trinamul.
I do not understand why one must be labelled with a particular political party if he or she stands in for a good individual, irrespective of his political affiliations.
In this forthcoming elections some of my personal friends, a leading Tollywood actress, a theatre personality and a family friend are contesting. I have always been impressed with my family friend's social work skills and his passion to work for the poor an needy.  I also think that there should be a voice in the Legislative Assembly to represent and articulate Kolkata's culture, films and fine arts.
These all three  friends of mine belong to different political parties but I still support them for I know they would deliver. Can’t we see beyond the political parties and support individual candidates who, on their own merit, would do good to the society, state and the nation. Whoever it is, we all must go out and vote if we want a healthy democratic system.
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  1. Hi Sundeep, Nice to see you thinking beyond ideologies and focusing on individual merit of the candidate. talented people should be encouraged to populate our law making bodies but the greatest obstacle has been our electoral system of 'first past the post' which often skews the real choice of the voters. it is good that we are beginning to think of alternative sytems of representation ( even UK has started) more suited to the thinking and technology of the times we live in. You can make substantial contributions towards this.