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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fetish for new gadgets

West Island, Montreal: There is no let up in the chilly weather due to snow flurries for the last couple of days. BlackBerry has launched its tablet PlayBook and media reports say that the shops would open at 7 am to avoid rush and long queues. It would also be convenient to pick one up en route to the office.
I think whatever electronic gadgets launched in this part of the world sparks off a craze among Indians in India who vie with each other to get hold of one so that they can flaunt it in public.
I remember last year I was in New York around the same time when Apple iPad was launched. I got numerous calls from India inquiring about it. The same week I returned to India and saw a friend of mine in Delhi toying with it in public.
Thanks to the excellent network and procurement skills, many Indians make it a point to own one as soon as it hits the market. Whether they will make real use of the gadget is questionable.
I feel people who really need the product and those who know how to use it are a deprived lot in India. And those who just want to carry it as a fashion statement have easy access to it.
Here in Canada, the dailies have also reported that the shops did not get the number of people they were expecting. The fact that one would need a BlackBerry mobile connection for optimal use of the PlayBook could be a deterrent.
Tomorrow I shall drive three hours down to the north of Montreal to meet Sri Sri Ravi Shankar where he has set up his ashram. He is arriving there today evening.
In Kolkata, I'll miss Madhu Neotia's invitation for an event with Shashi Tharoor and his wife Sunanda at The Conclave tomorrow and also The Telegraph-CNN debate on battle of Bengal at the Town Hall.
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