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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Life at its best

Sunday, Easter weekend here has set the holiday mood on. The shops are full of gifts for the children and shopping offers. People shop during weekends and Easter also heralds the time for changing wardrobes marking the advent of spring.
Shops are flowing with new clothes and apparels and there are clearing sales for winter wear. With the exception of some cafes, most of the shops are closed today and would remain so tomorrow as well being Easter Monday.
In Kolkata there is a Jyoti Khaitan fashion show at The Park Hotel based on Neelanjana Chakraborty's numerology. I think this is something new for those who love fashion.
Sometimes I feel how different this part of the world is from ours. Low population and unlimited resources, best quality products in the world - from food to footwear and from cycle to aircraft - are available here. The quality of life and the value of human beings is very important and a matter of top priority. It is life at its best.
It is said that Canada is the best place in the world for senior citizens and the physically disabled persons. There are hardly any queues to be seen and the people are very disciplined while standing in a queue. 
Another common feature is that while crossing the road, cars stop and allow you to cross the road first. There is always a smiling face behind the wheels on the driver's seat.
You have to plan your day as per the weather forecast which is usually 99 per cent accurate with hourly updates.
We may say that globalization is breaking down barriers of disparities between the haves and have nots. But I think there is a big difference not only when it comes to getting privileges or facilities or, for that matter, the issue of standard of living especially in Asia and India.
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