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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A tragic twist of fate

Yesterday evening I went to the residence of former Director General of Police, Hyder Ali Safwi, in Salt Lake. Mr Safwi recently won elections on a TMC ticket to become an MLA. I was about to pick up the phone to congratulate him when I got the message that he had lost his 38-year-old son who died of a heart attack in his sleep.
I also went to convey my condolences to the Bothra family in Alipore. The young couple Rishi and Nidhi Bothra, just 35 and 32 years respectively, died in a tragic accident three weeks ago. The couple, who were holidaying, were en route to Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh from Guwahati in a Pawan Hans helicopter. Their chopper caught fire after landing in Tawang with 17 or 18 passengers on board plus the crew members. Only four or five persons were rescued and the rest of them met with a tragic end dying on the spot.
Nidhi died in the fire and Rishi was admitted to a Delhi hospital, while in hospital his family was hopeful that he would survive, but sadly he had a cardiac arrest and passed away a week later leaving behind his two sons aged five-and-half years and eight months old. Life indeed can be very cruel.
For may years now a lot of questions have been raised about Pawan Hans helicopters that have claimed the lives of many a politicians. More than security, I think it is our destiny. Who could have imagined that a tragic twist of fate would drown the celebrations of Mr Safwi's electoral victory or for that matter the young Bothra couple would never return alive from their holiday trip. I pray for the bereaved families that they find strength to overcome their grief.
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