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Monday, August 29, 2011

Architectural landmark on the anvil

August 29: It was a frantic Friday last week while Saturday and Sunday were smooth.
On Friday evening I went to the G D Birla Sabha Ghar for Tin Addhyay presented by Rituparna’s Bhabna Aaj O Kal. Tanmoy Bose and Rituparna’s husband Sanjay started the performance while Bratya Basu recited poetry on Tagore. 
I met Soumen Mukhopadhyay, Ferdous (picture), Raya Bhattacharya (picture) and also had a brief chat with Bratya in the green room where he was getting ready for his performance (picture).
From Birla Sabhaghar I went home as I had a couple of guests over for dinner. After the dinner, at around midnight, I dropped in at The Park Hotel for T2 Cook Book launch party. I was the last guest to arrive. 
These events has left me with no choice but to give the premiere of Chaplin at Priya Cinema a miss.
On Saturday evening I missed the 22 Shravan Music Release at HiLand Park and Park Mall and went to Forum Courtyard (6th floor) where Rahul Saraf has opened a new marketing office where his new projects would be on display for the customers. 
I was amazed to see the detail of his new project Atmosphere and the manner in which it was presented. I must say that the new centre could well be passed of as any project showroom office in upmarket Singapore or the US.
I think Rahul has both vision and passion to build a project like Atmosphere in the city. 
If the project takes shape as per plan, it will stand out as an important architectural landmark in this part of the world.
As the Daily Mail has reported: “More stunning than the Taj Mahal? Indian building that could outshine ‘Monument of Love’ among dozens of futuristic designs”.
The project Atmosphere has been shortlisted from 120 projects across the globe for the People’s Choice Award at the World Architecture Festival to be held in Barcelona on November 4, 2011. It is the only project from India in the top three.
On Sunday afternoon I missed a musical event followed by lunch hosted Harsh and Madhu Neotia at Conclave Club Verde Vista.
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