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Monday, August 1, 2011

Twin film premiers in city

Last weekend, there were two film premiers in the city. A panel discussion at the Town Hall and a party for the new Television Channel, besides the regular events.
With West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra
I missed the TV Channel party at The Oberoi Grand and the premier of Bengali film System, directed by Ringo, at Fame. I, however, did attend the premier of Iti Mrinalini at Priya on Friday and also got to meet quite a number of friends from Tollywood and the West Bengal Finance Minister Amit Mitra (picture).
The movie, directed by Aparna di (picture), was very different from the films we usually see at the theatres these days. It is a tough job to act in and direct the same film. The film conveys many messages through the lives of various characters.
With Aparna Sen
This weekend I also went to watch the much talked about film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. No doubt, this film has excellent photography, beautiful locales etc. Spain may see more tourists from India but what about the youth who are going gaga over adventure sports having watched the film.
It is my personal view that this film would do more harm than good to our society. The youth of India may try to imbibe the adventure sports shown in the film. Movies like these have a certain appeal among the college going students and may invigorate the student throng in a negative way.
We must accept the fact that India doesn't have this kind of lifestyle, nor the equipment or training to hold such adventure sports. Trying to copy all that is shown in the film may physically harm youngsters.
This argument of mine was ruled out by a group of friends who said: "So this means nobody should make films that show what the other countries of the world do."
What I am trying to say is that Indian movies are still restricted to what we may call facts. And that what is fiction in Hindi movies are also seen by villagers who don’t have electricity but still go to the nearest town to watch films.
We know how the kind of impact The Three Idiots had on college students. Likewise, these youth-oriented films would have an effect on the youth and society.
Today evening, I will miss the Swiss National Day at The Oberoi.
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