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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Incredible Vidya Balan!

Yesterday I went to the ICCR before watching Vidya Balan’s Dirty Picture. Vidya Balan's acting in this film is incredible and I am certain that this movie, and Vidya, will go on to bag many awards.
The exhibition at the ICCR titled Sangam: A Tale of Three Cities was a photo exhibition. The photos were taken by Ambica Prakash, Neha Tolasaria, Sumedha Saraogi. 
I met the wife of West Bengal Governor, Padmini Narayanan, who inaugurated the exhibition and also Suvaprasanna, Nandita Pal Choudhury, Preeti (picture) and Sanjiv Goenka and quite a few people from the world of art & culture.
As Sumedha Saraogi (picture) belongs to an industrialist community, the crowd had an excellent blend of industrialists and artists. These photos put up at the exhibition were taken from three cities - Ajmer, Amritsar and Benaras.
I was really impressed with the exhibition. Though there were no names marked on the photos, yet by seeing the picture, one could easily make out whether the picture is of Benaras, Ajmer or Amritsar (picture).
Today evening I shall go to see a play after a long time, titled August Osage County directed by Lillete Dubey and production by The Primtime Theatre Company. Today is the second day of the play and in tune with Kolkata's culture anything that is hyped up triggers a demand for invitation cards. I look forward to watching a full house show.
After the show, I shall go out for a private dinner which I had committed earlier.
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