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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ideating events for Rajasthan

Saturday April 28, 2012: I had quite a few meetings yesterday and today as I am keen to initiate a series of events and activities in Rajasthan by involving as many organizations as possible.
I had a meeting with Ficci FLO newly-elected Chairperson, Ms Vinnie Kakkar, and few of her committee members and discussed the possibility of holding some of the events jointly. I offered them an event on Rabindranath Tagore which was in my mind for quite some time.
I also met Prakash Surana, the man behind 30-year-old organization called Shruti Mandal, and one of the most reputed organizations in Rajasthan as far as classical music and dance is concerned.
I discussed the idea of Tagore event with Surana ji and requested if Shruti Mandal would come on board to host this event jointly with Ficci FLO. I mentioned that my idea of including Shruti Mandal is because it has the right kind of audience for the event I have conceptualized.
I am mentally prepared to do the Tagore event in the Pink City on the 13th of May, 2012, and it seems that both Shruti Mandal and Ficci FLO will come on board to pay tribute to Gurudev.
My only regret today is that I missed a luncheon meeting with Shobhna Bhartiya hosted by the Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly, Dipendra Singh Shekhawat, and also missed the Bihari Purashkar event in the evening. I was keen to attend the Bihari Purashkar as my late mother was a recipient of the award that I had collected on her behalf many years ago.
Tomorrow I shall fly out to Delhi.
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