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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Poila Baishakh

April 14, 2012: April 14th is Poila Baishakh or the Bengali New Year's day celebrated in Bengal and Bangladesh. 
King Shosangko of ancient Bengal is credited with the advent of the Bengali era.
Today morning I went to Nandan II where the screening of a film Teen Murti for Pronam members was scheduled.
With Subrata Bakshi and Manoj Mitra
The members of Pronam were very happy to watch a film on the Bengali New Year day.
Subrata Bakshi, Hon’ble Minister for Public Works and the Minister for Transport, Government of West Bengal, veteran artist, Manoj Mitra (picture) and Commissioner of Police, R K Pachnanda were there, the CEO of Nandan, Jadav Mondal (picture), was also present on the occasion.
With Jadav Mandal
I had a cup of tea with the members of Pronam and then rushed to PurpleThe Studio has recently been established by Pritimoy Chakraborty who is known to me.
I went there on the invitation of Kaushik Ganguly who invited the Laptop team to celebrate Poila Baishakh over lunch.
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