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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Whose fault is it!

I wonder how many times you have faced an awkward situation when you found two of your friends sparring over some not-so-pleasant incident. It so happened last weekend with me.
I was invited to attend a show in Kolkata that was based on India's popular mythology – Mahabharata. The show was conceptualized and directed by a friend of mine and the performers were all well-known faces from Tollywood. I usually keep Sundays for myself and try to stay away from social engagements to the extent possible. Accordingly, I gave the show a miss.
At late night, I was informed that a leading actress of Tollywood, who was to play one of the key roles in the show, had left the venue without performing her act. I was rather surprised since I know the actress personally.
What I gathered was that she was supposed to take a post 8 pm flight to Mumbai and the show got delayed. She insisted that the organizers should allow her part of the performance first so that she could catch her flight. This was not feasible because the mythological story or series follow a certain storyline which negates the possibility of altering sequences, at least on such short notice.
I think any such move would be foolhardy and draw endless criticism from all quarters. There is a limit to the artistic license or liberty that one can stretch. Finally, the person who conceptualized the show told her to leave the show without performing and she did that. Someone else had to take in her place and perform at the last minute to keep the show on.
Next morning when I spoke to my friend he told me that the show had started just 30 minutes late. He also said that he did change the sequence when she insisted to the extent possible as it was not possible to start the event before the conclusion of the first part i.e., the award function. He said that if she did not realise the gravity of the show then there's little the organisers could have done.
When I spoke to the actress friend of mine, she told me that she had duly informed the organizers, well in advance, that she had to leave at that time.
I have been thinking, whose fault was it – The organizers or the actress?
I think none of them are at fault. The problem is the faulty and unprofessional manner in which our system works – beset with over commitments, delays, lack of time management and, in some cases, the old habits die hard.
We as the audience are in the habit of not reaching on time, stars always keep couple of commitments at the same time, many chief guests don't arrive on time, most celebs think that until and unless they keep the audience and the media waiting for a while, they wouldn't be noticed. Their being late is also supposed to convey the message how busy they are. The overall atmosphere lacks professionalism.
This week Harsh Neotia and I hosted a get together in honor of Soumitra Chatterjee and other national cine award winners in the current year. Soumitra Chatterjee was happy with the event and thanked us. But I feel we must thank Soumitra making us all proud.
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