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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Next stop, Jodhpur

From Delhi: Yesterday I had a series of meetings with different people from the cultural and literature fraternity in Delhi. I was supposed to take a flight to Jodhpur today afternoon but could not.
The reason for going to Jodhpur is my plan to drive 100 kms into the interiors to meet Vijay Dan Detha, the ailing writer who, earlier, could not attend the function in Jaipur on the 24th of May due to ill health. I was supposed to felicitate him then.
Yesterday night I got a message that his brother expired and as per the traditional customs, the family would be in mourning for 12 days.
I had no option and had to call off the Jodhpur trip by a day which meant a free day in Delhi for me after a long time. I have also cancelled the other appointments in Jodhpur area, including the one with His Highness Maharaj Gajsingh ji, whom I was supposed to meet this evening.
Man proposes and God disposes is indeed a fact. Somehow or the other, the last minute changes in my travel itinerary always comes up which creates a lot of hassles that I have to tackle and sort it out.
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