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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dining options

ITC Maurya Delhi: I arrived in Delhi from Singapore around 2:15 am on March 6th. The weather was a little cooler and pleasant when I landed. But as the day progressed it got hotter. It was sunny in Singapore too but the evenings were a little cooler.
I wanted to go to the Setz Restaurant in the evening but was informed that the restaurant was booked for a private party in the outdoor area. Rather than dine I wanted to sit out and spend some time. I consider Setz, located in the Emporia Shopping Centre in Delhi, to be one of the finest restaurants in the country and perhaps the best in Delhi as far as the quality of food and five-star service is concerned.
Another benefit is that you can choose from five different cuisine. Maurya’s General Manager Anil Chadda told me that since Setz‘s outdoor was full I could try out Aman another restaurant in the hotel run by the same management. Thanks to him, he managed to get me a table in that 12/14-seater restaurant.
I heard recently that in Delhi, not just Bukhara but in many of the restaurants, it was tough to get a table booking on the same day because of the growing culture of eating out. I had been to hotel Aman many times but somehow never seen the open area restaurant. When I went there I realized that it was next to the coffee shop separated by a glass wall and open on all other sides spreading out into a lily pond. No doubt, the restaurant had the best of ambience but the Indian food was not as great as it is in Setz although it is run by the same management.
After yesterday’s open air dinner and with the approach of summer, I don’t think the weather would be appropriate for such dinner when I come back to Delhi next.
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