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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Film premiere and American National Day

With Dadul aka Arijit Dutta
July 4, 2013: Tuesday evening, the fourth time in close succession, I was again at Priya Cinema for the premiere of Rituparna Sengupta's film A Political Murder
This new film of Agnidev Chatterjee got premiered on a Tuesday instead of the usual Thursdays or Fridays, the reason being Rituparna is leaving for Canada. 
With Harsh, Madhu, Rahul and Priyanka
The film would be released on Friday only. This movie, A Political Murder, will have a sequel.
Apart from the Tollywood regulars, there were quite a few different faces at the premiere like artist Shuvaprasanna, Md SAlim, Tejendra Narayan Majumdar and others. 
I met Dadul aka Arijit Dutta while leaving the hall. Rahul and Priyanka has acted well in the film, so has Rituparna.
With Dean R Thompson
Yesterday evening I attended the 237th Anniversary of the Independence of the United State of America at the ITC Sonar Pala Ballroom. 
It turned out to be a quite a big gathering than what I had expected. The last Consul General, Ms Beth A Payne, was quite choosy and the American National Day used to be a quite and selective affair.
With Anna O'Neil
The current Consul General, Dean R Thompson, had gained many acquaintances in the city's social circles during his stay and he also took this opportunity to invite many of them to bid farewell before leaving for the US. 
Probably that's why, I presume, it was such a big gathering.
After a long time I found ITC Sonar doing a extremely good job as far as display of food was concerned.
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