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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Twin premiere on Shasti

With Nispal (Rane) Singh and Toni

October 12, 2013: On Thursday night (Oct 10) I attended the special screening of Rangbaaz at Navina starring Dev and Koel Mallick and directed by Raja Chanda.
I was invited by Dev and Nispal (Rane) Singh of Surinder Films. Just a few stretches away at the INOX South City the premiere of Mishawr Rawhosyo took place. It was not possible to make it to both the premiere so I went and saw Mishawr Rawhoshyo the next day on Saptami.
With Toni and Raja Chanda director of Rangbaaz 
I quite liked Rangbaaz. The film, with Alan Amin as the action director, was full of stunts and action sequences. It was very gutsy of Koel and Dev to have performed the stunts on her own. She had during the shooting of the film refused a double for shooting a scene in which she had to hang from the 34th floor of a building. 
In fact, sher herself told me when I met her and Rane over dinner last week that she had sustained some injuries during shooting. But at the premier she was her usual bubbly self.
On the other hand, more than the film, Mishawar Rawhoshyo's shooting in spectacular locales was a real treat.
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