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Sunday, April 27, 2014

In New York's Benares

Yesterday evening I went to Benares Midtown, another Indian restaurant in New York city. This resturant has nothing to do with the Benaras resturant of London as people very often wrongly presume.
WFUNA ExCo meeting, which had started at 9 am, concluded by late afternoon. We informally disscused about the views of another guest on Friday, Mr Ivan Simonovic, from UN who is and serving as the Assistant Secretary General for the office of High Commissioner for Human Rights in New York.
At the WFUNA ExCo meeting
He said that he had served as the president of his country's UNA in Croatia before joining the United Nations. 
In fact, he said, in a lighter mood, that he remembered those days when he used to write to WFUNA to consider their UNA membership and on other issues and topics.
With Ivan Simonovic, Assistant Secretary General, UCHR, New York
In the meeting, discussions on the issue of Ukraine, took much of the time. 
With Ivan Simonovic
Many countries had so many question for our Russian friend, Alex Borisov, who is also serving as the Vice Chairman of WFUNA.
Today, I am going to speak at a convention on popularising Hindi at the New York University in the afternoon. I am looking forward to it.
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