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Friday, May 2, 2014

Shoppers' dream haven in NYC

May 2, 2014: I just returned from the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets – a price conscious shoppers' haven. Those who delve deep into the realm of shopping would sure know about this place which is an hour's drive from New York City.
This Woodbury Common is some place that offers a range of top international brand products like Polo, Ralph Lauren, Bose, Gucci, Dunhill, Channel and many others who have their factory outlets housed here. What makes it interesting is that these products are available at prices 20 to 50 per cent lower and, at times, as low as 75 per cent of what is sold at New York showrooms.
How is this possible?
Well, it is something like this that I learnt. When the branded showrooms of New York get their stock of new range of products they are supposed to be sold within a certain period of time after which the unsold stock is sold to outlets like Woodbury Common Premium at a discount and their own shelves replaced by a wave of fresh new products. Then, the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets pass it on to their loyal band of customers sharing a part of the discount.
There are other marketing policies and mechanics at play. For example, electronics major Bose, as per their product return policy, take back products from customers which they may not like for personal reasons within a certain period of time. These products, mostly electronic goods, have been opened, touched and tried. However, some customers who have not liked the product return it in perfect workable condition and take their money or value back.
These goods are rechecked at the factory and repackaged and sold to outlets like Woodbury Common Premium across USA. Which, again, is sold on a discount. It is like offering a discount on a product which has been somewhat touched if not used.
With Moumouny Tao
Many Indians with a penchant for availing discounts and freebies often descend on such outlets in droves. But, I, however, saw only two Indian couples from among a multitude of nationalities with big trolleys at this Woodbury outlet.
Yesterday, after spending the morning and afternoon in New York Public Library, I took a walk to the Central Park in the evening. I met Moumouny Tao, a pedicab driver-cum-English Professor whom I had befriended on my last visit. He was very excited to see me and told me that now he had made enough and was planning to go back to his family in Burkina Faso in December.
In front of The Pierre Hotel
I also went to Two E Bar/Lounge at The Pierre which is now a property owned by Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces. The Hotel is located on the 5th Avenue overlooking the Central Park. The vegetarian Panini is excellent there.
This place has its own history and a story to tell. The residential style lobby lounge is converted for its Afternoon Tea from 3 to 5 pm. With its food, cocktails, music and ambiance, the place has many resources to arouse your gastronomic curiosities and keeps it alive.
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