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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Home sweet Kolkata

13 July, 2014, Kolkata: I am back in Kolkata from a long trip to London and Greece. This trip was in close succession to my New York trip which added to my absence from Kolkata. In contrast to Kolkata and other Indian metros, London summer is very pleasant as was my stay at the St James Court Hotel which is run by the Taj Group
In front of St James Court Hotel which was earlier called The Crown Plaza
Earlier this hotel was called The Crown Plaza.
I, however, kept very busy in London visiting friends and places followed by lunches and dinners. I did a lot of catching up with old chums and acquaintances there. 
With David Burner (File Picture)
This time, the only thing that I missed in the entire UK trip was the absence of Mr David Burner at St James Court. During my earlier visits to London, I always used to stay at the then Crown Plaza and Mr Burner would, invariably, be the first person to welcome me into the Hotel. He had passed away last October.
David was a true hotelier and had been loyal to the hotel for 41 years having joined in 1972. He had previously worked as a theatre attendant at the Royal Seabathing Hospital in Margate and then as a guard at the London Underground. He joined St James Court as a hall porter and went on to become the Chief Concierge in 1989. A post he was in since then.
He had welcomed many guests and would remember their names and details. He received the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2011 from the Society of Golden Keys. He leaves behind a legacy for others to emulate. May his soul rest in peace. I shall always think of him and miss him, when I think of London.
Yesterday I went to the Birla Sabhaghar to see a stand up comedy which I didn't like.
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