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Friday, November 14, 2014

Clearing up pending work

November 14, 2014: This entire week I was in office clearing up accumulated office work which had piled up due my continuous travels. Also there were many other pending issues and related desk work that needed my attention to sort it out and streamline things by clearing the work log.
In fact, there were many good and important events which I had no option but to give miss out on including the inauguration of the Kolkata Film Festival. The dinner hosted by Shree Venkatesh Films at Eco Tourism Park as well as dinner at Hotel Lalit Great Eastern after the inauguration of the Film Fest.
Today there is the WFUNA Executive Committee (ExCo) meeting in New York which I had to miss. I have to attend to a whole lot of paper work to ensure my absence would not affect the meeting in anyway. I also proposed to the ExCo that the next ExCo meeting be held in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The decision for this will also be taken in this ExCo meeting in New York which I am currently awaiting.
Tomorrow I will be missing Dadul’s party at the Priya Cinema Hall to mark the opening of his new `Bar Lounge' as I will be away for a night from Kolkata at Raichak. 
I have never been to Raichak before and I look forward to spend a night at the Ganga Kutir.
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