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Monday, February 16, 2015

Everyone talking about AAP victory in Delhi

16 February, 2015: I was at the AAP’s Delhi on a historical day when Arvind Kejriwal’s oath ceremony took place. From the Taj Chambers to the India International Centre (IIC) lounge the only talking point was Aam Aadmi Party.
Somehow, it was the common man's belief during this Delhi election that the loss of AAP would be their own defeat. This feeling of AAP's win as their own is undoubtedly the biggest achievement of Arvind Kejriwal. Making the common man a stakeholder in the elections is perhaps the reason for the massive victory.
Om Thanvi wrote an excellent editorial in Jansatta regarding this historical electoral victory of AAP and an unexpected loss, or should we say a jolt, to the current government.
In his article, he mentioned, and what I do agree with, that Delhi votes are basically decided by the urban rural or the basti votes. The Lutyen's Delhites hardly come out to vote. That is why, along with security issues, the Delhi elections are also considered to be below the dignity of the Prime Minister as far as campaigning is concern.
I had quite a few meetings in Delhi and landed back in Kolkata on Saturday evening.
Since I was in Delhi, I missed Sanjay Budhia’s private dinner on Friday the 13. Sanjay organizes this annual dinner get-together at his home and he divides his guests into a different dates so he can accommodate more people and also have like-minded people together. Few of my friends were at his residence on February 7, 2015.
I, unfortunately, was occupied on the 7 February evening as well, else, I would have requested Sanjay that instead of 13 February if I could attend on 7 February. Today evening I am again flying overseas for two three days.
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