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Friday, June 5, 2015

Author's Afternoon with Anuja

June 5, 2015, Jaipur: I landed in Jaipur early morning today. During the summers, the early morning flight leaves Kolkata at 5:25 am for Jaipur. I am not a morning flight kind of person but yesterday I couldn't avail the afternoon flight as I had to finish off a couple of meetings as I shall not be in office till the middle of this month.
Although I will be in Kolkata just one night tomorrow and again leave to attend some personal commitments.
With Anuja Chauhan in front of the Book Corner at Taj Chambers
Day before yesterday on June 2 was the twenty second series of Author's Afternoon with Anuja Chauhan as the guest author. She has written her fifth book and carried the whole session with great panache. She is said to be one of the best in the Indian commercial fiction genre.
Anuja signing a copy of her latest book
Anuja is also the lady behind some of the biggest advertisement campaigns in India having worked for brands like Pepsi, Kurkure, Mountain Dew, Nokia. She was also behind campaign slogans like Pepsi's “Nothing official about it” and “Yeh dil maange more”. Due to the Maggi controversy her phone was buzzing continuously as journalists from television channels wanted her views on the matter.
The Author's Afternoon session was a packed one and one of those editions which was almost looked like a ladies' special session.
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