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Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Bhagavad Gita that weighs 15 kilos

With Governor Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi
February 25, 2016: During the last week in Kolkata, apart from family weddings, I was busy catching up on office work that I could not attend to due to my absence in Kolkata for quite a while.
On Wednesday I went to a Baithak at a Louden Street residence and then went to the Raj Bhavan and presented to the Governor of West Bengal, Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, a unique copy of the Bhagvad Gita weighing 15 kilos, at an event organised by the Jain Sanskriti Sansad.
With Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi
Mr T C Daga, President of Jain Sanskriti Sansad and Mr Nawratanmal Bothra, convener of Jain Sanskriti Sansad were also present on the occasion.
The book is a masterpiece that has been crafted with the world’s most precious eco-friendly materials and printed on the finest paper sourced from sustainable European forests. The entire edition is printed with environment-friendly vegetables inks made of natural ingredients from Japan. 
This marvelous edition, with more than 150 art works, has the translation of the original shlokas (verses) in English and Hindi and wherever required there are the interpretations of the three main schools of Sanathana Dharma-Advaita, Visishtadvaita and Dvaita in a lucid and profound manner. 
Presenting the 15-kilo Gita to Hon'ble Governor
This doctrine of universal truth is presented as a collector’s edition to be treasured for generations. This edition comes in the most exclusive antique book styled box with artistic foiling and embossing adorned with Swarovski crystals and attractive metal lock along with a wooden reading stand that can be folded and rotated to suit one’s reading comfort and a wooden book marker designed in a beautiful peacock feather with a tassel.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shree Music Festival 2016

Felicitating Gulabo with Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and H M Bangur
February 16, 2016: Yesterday I came to Kolkata from Jaipur via morning flight.
In Jaipur, I was busy with the three-day Shree Music Festival which was held at the Vidyashram School’s auditorium named after none other than the legendary Maharana Pratap. 
With Gulabo at the Shree Music Festival 2016
This was the second edition of the Shree Music Festival and it was dedicated to empowerment of women.
With Sonal Mansingh
So for all three days we had women performers from all over the country and Shri Vishwamohan Bhatt, who is the Chairman of the Rajasthan Forum, also performed with female accompanists, Lakshmi Pillai and Rekha Pandit.
On all the three days there were performances by female artists Shinjini Kulkarni, Dona Ganguly, Sangeeta Datta, Amita Dalal, Hetal Mehta, Dr Sonal Mansingh, Priti Patel, Begum Parween Sultana, Madhu Bhatt Tailang, Lachi Prajapati and Manisha Gulyani.
With Shinjini Kulkarni
The highlight of the three-day event was the performance presented by the Banasthali Vidyapeeth students. The performance presented by them with the traditional Rajasthani instruments was simply mind blowing and mesmerized the audience.
The students came under the leadership of their Dean, Professor Ina Shastri. Every day of the event, after the performances, there was a dinner at the Marriott poolside.
With Shinjini Kulkarni backstage
On the last day of the Festival, which was on the Valentine’s Day, Rajasthan Forum felicitated Gulabo, one of the most famous folk dancers this country has ever produced. She became popular by performing the Rajasthani snake dance and came to be known as Gulabo Sapera. Gulabo was recently awarded Padma Shri by the Government of India and we decided to honour her for this along with all the women classical performers.
With Parween Sultana
Although the Festival ended at 12 o’clock the dinner went on till 2 am. I still managed to catch the morning flight from Jaipur to Kolkata as I was committed to attend a golden jubilee wedding anniversary of my friend’s parents at the Hyatt Regency. Today, and the next three days, I will be busy in the affairs of a family wedding.
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Friday, February 12, 2016

A splendid take off for Aakhar

With Charu at the Write Circle
February 12, 2016: Once again I was back in Jaipur from Kolkata on Tuesday February 9.
With French Author Zac O'Yeah at the Write Circle
The next day I initiated and attended the first edition of the series Aakhar conceptualised by me.
With Dr Idan Singh Bhati
Aakhar is a series which will be solely dedicated to the Rajasthan's poets and authors who write in Rajasthani language. The series is again in collaboration with ITC Rajputana and presented by Shree Cement Limited.
After the Write Circle in English and Kalam in Hindi, this concept was in my mind for quite some time. 
With Vishwa Mohan Bhatt and Manesha Agarwal at the Rajasthan Forum dinner
On February 10, 2016, the series finally came to life with the first author Dr Idan Singh Bhati.
Honestly the first event of Aakhar turned out to be a success beyond our imagination. Dr Bhati was at his best reciting local poetry.
With Rekha Surya
After the event, from 10:30 pm to 12:30 am (midnight) I hosted a small get-together over drinks at one of the terraces of ITC Rajputana.
Yesterday, there was a another series of the Write Circle with French Author Zac O’Yeah and in the evening there was an inaugural dinner to mark the three-day Shree Music Festival.
This weekend, I have to be on my toes for the 3-day Shree Music Fest in which I plan to organize five performances every day followed by dinners at the Marriot poolside.
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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A surprise award!

Speaking at a function in Taj Bengal
February 8, 2016: Yesterday I was at the Taj Bengal for a get-together over lunch hosted by the Jain Sanskriti Sansad. Normally I avoid public programmes on Sundays but the request from the Jain community was long overdue and it was the only time I could give them to organize the get-together.
To my utter surprise the get-together, in which I was the special guest and where I got to meet eminent individuals from the Jain community and also the leadership of different Jain organisations in the city, turned into an award ceremony.
From L to R with Vinod Duggar, Kamal Singh Rampuria, Santosh Jain, T C Daga, Kamal Duggar and Sardarmal Kankaria
The community felicitated me with the Jain Ratna Award. Normally, I never accept any felicitation and awards but with the on the spot announcement, I could not say decline. As I said in my speech, although I was born in the Jain community there is nothing remarkable I have done for the community. The community leaders requested me to give my time to the community work as well. It felt nice to meet so many people from the community at the same time.
I shall be leaving for Jaipur again on Tuesday for a three day Shree Music Festival as well as to attend the new series I am initiating titled “Aakhar”.
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Saturday, February 6, 2016

At the book distribution function

With Bishambar Newar and Baishali Dalmiya at the book distribution function
February 6, 2016: I am back in Kolkata and predictably busy with the desk work that keeps piling up during my absence.
Apart from three important meetings, that were long due, I stayed put up in the office and did a long conference-call with New York office. In the late afternoon I attended the annual book distribution function which is an annual affair which Prabha Khaitan Foundation organizes in association with Bharat Relief Society.
With Mool Chand Malu, T C Daga and others
Baishali Dalmiya, the daughter of Late Jagmohan Dalmiya, agreed on my request to become the Chief Guest of the programme in which text books are distributed to the needy children.
In the evening, I also met Mr Mool Chand Malu of the Kuber Group. He very kindly presented me with flowers on my nomination for another term as Treasurer of the World Federation of the United Nations Association (WFUNA).
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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

First time at the India Art Fair

February 3, 2016, Delhi: Yesterday evening I landed in Kolkata from Delhi. I have missed all the events and happenings of Kolkata in January 2016. But as I always say, Alas! It isn't possible to be in two places at the same time.
With Ina Puri at the India Art Fair in Delhi Art Gallery; sculpture of M F Hussain in the background
On Sunday afternoon I went to the India Art Fair 2015 thanks to Ina Puri. The size and structure of the India Art Fair is something one has to see to believe. I spent a couple of hours there and used the BMW lLounge after spending quality time at the Delhi Art Gallery space at the India Art Fair.
This was my first visit to the India Art Fair and honestly it is worth visiting. I cannot ever imagine the size and scale the Fair that has been organized and the option to spend lakhs even crores of rupees if you want to shop in this Art Fair.
On Monday I had few meetings at the India International Centre as well.
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