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Saturday, April 30, 2016

With Bihari babu in Pink City

With Pankaj Dubey
April 30, 2016: As usual the last week in Jaipur was very hectic. On April 26 there was another event of Kalam series with Pankaj Dubey. Earlier he has been the guest of Kalam in Patna. In Jaipur also he was at his best.
He would soon be leaving for the Republic of South Korea on some study tour. Accordingly, we decided to have a Kalam event with him in Jaipur.
After the event, on Tuesday evening, a jewellery designer friend arranged for a very nice dinner for me in which he also called few others friends. The best part of the dinner was the live music. She herself is a good singer and possesses many sterling qualities. One of which is that she is such a good host.
With Shatrughan Sinha and Bharati S Pradhan
On Thursday and Friday I was quite busy with Shatrughan Sinha. He was in Jaipur on my request and even agreed to attend quite a few events in the Pink City also on my request. On Thursday there was a Write Circle with him and Bharathi S Pradhan - the author of his biography “Nothing but Khamosh”.
After the Write Circle event, there was a dinner get-together to meet and greet him at the Hilton Rooftop. It was my first visit to Hilton Jaipur and I was quite impressed with their food as well as to how they have kept their Rooftop.
With Shatrughan Sinha, Jayshree Periwal and the students of International School
Friday, April 29, Mr Sinha and I went to Jayshree Periwal’s International School formerly known as Step-by-Step School where Mr Sinha spoke on one of his most favourite topics “Say No to Tobacco”. He also spoke about how he had left tobacco and on the request of the students he recited some of his film dialogues.
The students of International School did a fantastic job with their anti tobacco posters as part of a competition for which we gave away awards.
With Shatrughan Sinha at the We Care event in Jaipur
From the school we attended the All Women Interactive Session hosted by the newly formed organization We Care.
At the Peshawari Restaurant with General Manager, ITC Rajputana Jaipur, Tejinder Singh and Shatrughan Sinha
My day with Bihari Babu was not over yet. In the evening we went to Peshawari to mark the 20th celebration of this proud restaurant of ITC Rajputana. I regret missing the dinner at Narayan Niwas which I had committed earlier.
My heartfelt thanks to Mr Shatrughan Sinha for making this Pink City trip.
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