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Friday, July 8, 2016

Indian cuisine at the House of Lords

July 8, 2016: Yesterday evening I went to the House of Lords to attend a reception hosted by Baroness Sandip Verma who is the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for International Development and Ministerial Champion for tackling Violence Against Women & Girls Overseas, a role that she has held since 13 May 2015.
Baroness Verma's family is our personal friend and they have always been nice and kind to me whenever I am in this part of the world.
I had requested the St James Court hotel's room service that I would return late and have food. I don't liked the type of food served at the Parliament's reception having been there on many occasions.
With Sri G P Hinduja, Ashok Verma and Baroness Sandip Verma
I was on the table with Baroness Verma, her husband Ashok, daughter Tamanna, hotelier Ramesh Arora, noted industrialist Gopichand Hinduja and the High Commissioner of Uganda in UK, Prof Joyce Kakuramtsi Kijafunda and her husband.
To my pleasant surprise, the main course served included a bowl of pulao, aloo dam, dal, paneer bhaji, papadam and raita with Indian style kuchamber salad. I was amazed. Baroness did mention to me that it would be all vegetarian food today, I actually wasn't expecting Indian food at all.
It was obvious that Baroness Verma herself had taken pains to explain to the chefs to organise Indian cuisine at the House of Lords. This was the first time that Indian meal was served. All the people gave a good round of clap to the chef. The food also was right for he Indian palate. Now the House of Lords dining area is set to provide Indian cuisine if anyone asks for it.
At the reception, primarily a gathering of Parliamentarians and diplomats, the discussion on every table was about the British prime ministerial election. The popular view was that after Stephen Crabb's pullout, Theresa May is the front runner and that Britain is all set to have another woman PM since after Margaret Thatcher.
I had a busy day today with quite a few meetings lined up, including one at the Chatham House. In the evening, I shall host a dinner for few friends.
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