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Friday, September 2, 2016

An Indian evening at Rome's Ristorante Indiano Jaipur

At the Indian restaurant Ristorante Indiano Jaipur in Rome during lunch time
I arrived in Rome today morning from Kolkata via Dubai. The immigration line at the airport was unbelievable and reminded me of my visit to Venezuela where I took more then two hours to reach immigration counter. Thanks to protocol extended to me and I got out instantly.
The purpose of my visit to Rome is to attend Mother Teresa's canonization ceremony. 
With Antonella Ferro, proprietor of Courtyard Mariott in Rome
I checked in at the Courtyard Mariott which is little away from St Peter's Square in Vatican where the canonization will take place day after tomorrow. I also met up with Ms Antonella Ferro, the proprietor of the hotel who extended to a very warm welcome.
Most of the hotels in the city are booked for the event. The weather here is rather hot.
At the dinner with Dr Prof Genzim Alpion, Mrs Alpion
and Archbishop of Kolkata Thomas D'Souza
Today evening I hosted a small dinner party at the Ristorante Indiano Jaipur, one of the leading and most famous Indian restaurants in Rome serving popular Indian dishes. I had invited a small group of guests from India who are in Rome for the dinner. I also invited few diplomats and Italian businessman with a Kolkata connect.
With Mr Anil Wadhwa, Indian ambassador in Rome
Before the dinner party, I paid a visit to the Indian Mission ad met up with Mr Anil Wadhwa, whom I have known through a common friend. He was busy making arrangements for the Indian delegation's visit for canonization.
The dinner party turnout was good. It was great to have Usha Uthup and the Archbishop of Kolkata at the dinner along with some of my friends, acquaintances and foreign guests. 
Formal handing over of a Book by Satyam Roy Chowdhury to the Archbishop of Kolkata, Thomas D'Souza along with Fr Dominic, Fr V M Thomas ad Usha Uthup
Satyam Roy Chowdhury formally presented the first copy of his new book on Mother Teresa formally to the Archbishop of Kolkata during the dinner.
The dinner party was at Ristorante Indiano Jaipur owned by Pradeep Kumar from Rajasthan's Chirana. He has been in Italy for the past three decades. I chose this restaurant because of the name Jaipur and my personal connection to the Pink City. He opened the restaurant in 2001 and is helped by his brother-in-law Mahendra Singh Chauhan.
I met Mahendra and Sunny during the lunch time when I went there to work out the arrangements for the dinner party and also had lunch there.
Jaipur is a popular joint and the Indian Mission in Rome also often hosts parties there.
I was not disappointed as the restaurant turned out to be a decent place with lemon and chillies hanging on the door in typical Indian style to ward off evil eye. 
With Satyam Roy Chowdhury
It was also interesting to see many Italians dining out there. The d├ęcor is Rajasthani with paintings and the food, a spread of Indian vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and sweets were good.
A large group from Kolkata will be in Rome for the forthcoming canonization ceremony.
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