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Saturday, October 1, 2016

An Authors Afternoon with Ratna Vira and other events

The end of September was very hectic due preparations for the Puja-related events as much as for other events that were on schedule.
With the new staff of US Consulate in Kolkata. Ms Samantha, Ms Olga and Mr Ramanuj
I attended a close get together in the evening organized by the US Consul General in Kolkata, Craig L Hall, to introduce the new American officers and staff at the US Consulate on Thursday.
With Urmi Basu and Guest Author Ratna Vira
On Friday evening there was the 36th session of An Authors Afternoon with Guest Author, Ratna Vira. Urmi Basu was in conversation with her and it turned out to be a insightful session with a high emotional quotient with the conversation touching on a subject like - Ratna's book “This is Not About You” - on ragging in schools.
With Ratna Vira at The Cambers
With Prosenjit
Ratna also touched upon issues of good parenting and how parents should be sensible enough not to foist their notions and wishes on the children. Such acts have a very demoralizing effect on the children she said. Ratna' book Daughter by Court Order drew much attention and was a best seller. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi had praised her book. 
The charm of reading her work of fiction, I am told, is that it draws striking parallels with real life events and incidents. In fact, it is facts masquerading as fiction. It was nice meeting her.
At the birthday party of actor Prosenjit at Novotel
After the Authors Afternoon session I went to Hotel Novotel in the other end of the city to attend the Birthday Party of Prosenjit hosted by Usha Uthup. His forthcoming film Zulfiqar is already has already started to create a pre-event buzz. It was a lively party and I met few friends.
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