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Friday, February 12, 2010

Back in Kolkata and MNIK show

Arrived in Kolkata from Bangkok after a short trip. There were huge queues at the immigration and health check up counters at the airport. Given the way people were jostling at the counter for forms, I wonder the counter set up to stem infectious flu would actually end up spreading it among the passengers, particularly Indians who are ever ready to give the queue a short shrift. As I stood there quietly, thanks to the Kingfisher ground staff who facilitated my smooth passage.
Went to see the late night show of MNIK. All the electronic channels have been talking about it because of the controversy. I personally feel it is no more a controversy now that we have learnt to lead our lives amid threats and intimidations. Many say there is a competition between Amitabh and Shah Rukh. Well, if so, I am a diehard Amitabh fan although I have never met him in person. The closest I have been to him was years ago at the St James Crown Plaza Hotel at Buckingham Gate, London, where we passed each other. And Shah Rukh of course I have met him. In fact I was formally introduced to him when he was in Kolkata last time during the IPL matches and then again I met him at the ITC Sonar Bangla at a function for thalassemia patients with Rituparna Sengupta. But these Hello, How are you, meetings doesn’t matter to the big public figures who are hardly able to remember so many individuals they meet. Nikhat Azmi in Times has given 5 stars to this movie. I don’t know much about stars and ratings but am told that this is the best category rating for a movie and is rarely accorded. Shah Rukh has acted very well in the film which certainly merits a watch. Not because you are a Shah Rukh fan or a movie buff, but to send across a strong message that nobody can dictate terms in a democracy. One dialogue of the movie “I am not a terrorist” and the other one “She will, she is a mom” will drown you into a deep sea of human emotions and relationships.
ess bee

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