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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thanks T2

Yesterday night we went to the third Birthday Party celebrations of T2. After the book launch on 31st January it was time to say goodbye to the guests. The last guest, Ms Donia Gobar, from Afghanistan left early in the evening. I was very tired and decided to go to the T2 party early. The party was scheduled to start at 7:30 pm. It is a very tough job to convince Manjari to go to the parties and public functions. Unlike I, she is a very private person. But she knew some members of the T2 team quite well and agreed to accompany me to the celebrations for some time. It was indeed a very different party not because it was a newspaper party or for that matter lots of celebs were around and the food was excellent. The difference was in the warmth and the welcoming attitude of the T2 team. No plastic smiles or forced greetings or taking care of the guests as a matter duty. The warmth was spontaneous. As a regular partygoer in Kolkata it was really nice and very warm experience to be there. I was keenly observing that not even for a minute were any of the guests left alone. There was always someone to attend on us throughout. This is something, I am sure, all other guests too must have observed. Normally in other newspaper parties you go there to register your attendance. But yesterday, I really wanted to stay on. Thank you T2 team for inviting me and being such wonderful hosts. Also, thanks for getting me around to see Sisha which I have never visited since it was inaugurated.
ess bee

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