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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Home sweet home

I am back in Kolkata from an extensive tour of North America. It feels nice to be back home in Kolkata and to the traffic snarls and sultry weather.
At the Frankfurt airport I met Gautam Ghosh (file picture) who was returning via same flight from some meeting in Italy. Had a chat with him about his forthcoming film with Prasenjeet and one of the documentaries directed by him quite some time back that is currently being restored.
Missed Indronil’s court marriage with Swastika’s (file picture) sister and the party that followed at her house on Sunday evening. However, I will attend their wedding reception and other functions next week. 
I have to give two to three full days to clear the work log that has piled up during my absence. I have booked a flight for Thailand for the 21st morning but it seems, given the current volatile situation out there, I have to postpone the visit.
I have had to switch off my cell phone on doctor’s advice due to excessive usage. I await further advice from him while I try to manage. I am convincing myself by recalling the times when there were no mobile phones and life and work went on as usual.
At times the cell phone grates on my nerves and more so especially in a country where most of us need a crash course in phone etiquette. I often feel bad that we don’t do justice to such a useful devise that can easily become an irritant in public life. Now-a-days we don’t even ask for or call on landline phones. My doctor had warned me last year against excessive use of cell phone. This time he has put the warning in black and white and I am all ears.
After all isn’t it true - Jaan hai toh jahan hai.
ess bee

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