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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our evergreen versatile Lala da

Received a letter from Lala da Buddhadev Guha (file picture) acknowledging the book I had sent him. He informed me that he was not keeping well and was thus out of circulation. Lala da is a multi-talented and versatile personality full of humour – a ghazal singer, an instumentalist, painter, thinker, writer and a professional chartered accountant. In recent years I think he is the only one in my huge circle of friends and acquaintances who prefers to communicate through letters rather than phone or e-mails or SMSes.
Received an SMS from Joy Goswami. Whenever Joy da sends an SMS I always keep it for many days also write it in my diary. His SMSs are like a limerick or small poetry. Such humble and polite words make you feel so happy and pleasant, no wonder he is such a well-known poet.
I also got a voice message from Biplab Chatterjee that he has some work (file pic: Ritu and Biplab). When I called him back I was so touched by the reason he had called me for. He wanted two more bottles of thandia that I had sent him on Holi as he really liked it. I told him I’d soon have it sent to him. I really like such straight-from-the-heart requests from persons who are very down to earth. These are the traits of real and genuine friendship.
Another friend of mine Agnimitra also called up suggesting we all should meet one day for dinner next week. Let me see how soon that happens as this whole week I am tied up. May be a week later. The last time Agni, Lala da and I had a great time over dinner in my home.
Rituparna’s version of Bongs in Bangkok fiasco is in the media today. Got a few calls requesting me to speak to her and also to Ideas 24x7 to sort things out. But it seems both of them are very annoyed with each other since the matter has become public. Any rapprochement at this point seems difficult.
Problems can always only be sorted out till the time things don’t go out of hand and into the public domain. One it does the damage to the reputation is done and leaves little room for settling things.
Since neither Rituparna nor the organisers have anything in writing, I think beyond war of words there is little scope for legal redress. This mudslinging incident will only tarnish the image of both the parties, especially the organisers. However, Ritu too will not come out unblemished.
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