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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Calendar of events

Yesterday night I managed to watch the movie Inception and found it to be a different kind of movie and very well directed. It was a late show that started around 10:35 pm and by the time I returned home it was 2 am - well past midnight.
Today I was planning and prioritising my schedule for the coming months. My diary is full of markings and it seems it is going to be a hectic affair up to January 2011. There are lots of invitations from Universities and a multitude of other programmes and then in August (15th to 18th) there is the Second Global Model United Nations.
At the same time in Africa there is going to be the Youths in Under Developed Nations Conference and they want me as a speaker.
At the end of August, a Theatre Festival is scheduled in Kolkata to be co-hosted by Prabha Khaitan Foundation. Theatre celebrities and big names from all over India are expected to attend including Sharmila Tagore, Sanjana Kapoor, Om Puri, Girish Karnad, Amol Palekar and others.
Around the same time there is going to be the 623rd DPI/NGO conference in Melbourne, Australia, which I am again supposed to attend on behalf of WFUNA. I am currently the Treasurer of WFUNA.
September, it seems, would be a tad easy and I have plans to be at the India International Centre (IIC) Delhi.
I am already working out the modalities for the Pronam program on October 1st – Elders’ Day - at the Rabindra Sadan. I also have to prepare of the Pujas around middle of October.
From the 3rd to 14th October are the Commonwealth Games in Delhi and in the middle of November there is the Executive Committee meeting of WFUNA in New York.
Coming to December 2010, I have already accepted the invitation for the Youth Conference in Europe to be followed by seminars in the Scandinavian countries. I am in two minds to convey my regret for the December invitations and spend time in Rajasthan.
Normally, I spend two to three weeks in a year in Rajasthan, mainly Jaipur, and this is a part of my responsibility. For the last two years I have hardly spent any time there. This year I haven’t been to Rajasthan at all and this has been the situation for the last several years.
So all these are packed into the calendar of events in 2010 besides the daily activities and related organisation works and projects plus few other regular annual events.  At times I question myself if I have taken on too much and every day the pressure seems to pile on with something new coming up.
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