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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Theatre fever

Yesterday, straight from my office I went to see the new production of Dolly Basu’s theatre in Hindi at Gyan Manch. The play was well enacted and Dolly and her daughter Doel’s performance did full justice to it. I also met Kishor and Rita Bhimani, Amol Ghosh and Meera Bhattacharya (file picture).
Few members of Pronam were also invited to see the play.  Only a few months back, Dolly di had staged a Bengali play at the Bodyguard Lines especially for the Pronam members that was a big hit. This time also the elderly members of Pronam were very keen to see her perform again.
I also wanted to see Potol Babu Film Star at Rabindra Sadan. But both were held at the same time and although my organisation was the co-host of this Theatre Festival, I still opted for Dolly di’s play as she and Doel are our friends.
I spoke to Shabana Azmi who would be in Kolkata on September 6 and 7. She has agreed to have lunch with the sponsors of our project Education for All that I have to organise.
I had a meeting today morning with Arindam and Agnimitra regarding the proposed program of Pronam on the 4th of September. In the evening I also went to the Academy of Fine Arts to watch the play Chaturanga. It was very well acted and I enjoyed the play with the Chief Guest Amol Palekar.
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