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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Launch of Atri's website

Today evening I attended the launch of the web site of Atri Sen's paintings at the K2 art gallery in Lansdowne Terrace. Atri is the son of West Bengal industry minister Mr Nirupam Sen. The program was a close family affair.
Atri is a differently-abled child and he is very much into paintings. He has had many exhibitions to his credit. I don't known the state industry minister well enough to have been a part of their small family affair. I was, however, present there since the launch was done my brother-like friend Manoj Mohanka. Some of the media persons too inquired about my presence and if I had any links with the Sen family.
My friend Manoj himself normally shies away from being the guest at any event or function and has declined my requests on so many occasions. But this time, his closeness to the Sen family, especially with Atri, did not allow him to get away.
I met Harsh Neotia and Amajeet Banerjee at the launch function. I was impressed by Atri's paintings and his eye for details. I found interesting was that Atri, through his paintings, had rendered different perspectives to common everyday themes like the sunrise, nature, flights etc.
The best part of the evening was the speech by Manoj, laced with innuendos like, “ .... Atri has a fondness for the red colour which seems hereditary …........ anyone who is not connected to Obama visit may switch off their cellphone.”
In the morning, I visited a special school managed by Alokdhara Foundation which has just shifted to their new premises. This school takes care of children needing special care and attention. The best part of the school is that they make sure children with special needs get to mix with the normal children.
In the evening, I was thinking about Atri and those special children I met in the morning. I felt that God has a way of giving something extra to those who are not normal. God doesn't give everything to any one person.
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