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Friday, July 15, 2011

Bomb blast and VIPs

In Jaipur. I missed the premier of Rituparna movie Icche at Priya yesterday. The premier was followed by a party at the Calcutta Rowing Club. When Ritu called on me with a request to attend the premier I told her I would try to make it if my work in Jaipur gets over.
I wanted to attend the premier of this film by Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee.
The Pronam members' cultural program that was scheduled for 16th July had to be cancelled. The rehearsal for the program was also called off today at the Bodyguard Lines Police Auditorium, because of the Mumbai blast.
It was a painful sight seeing the sufferings of the blast victims on the TV channels but some of the comments made by senior politicians and minister of the country were even more painful. What else can one expect if the person, who is supposed to be responsible for ensuring security of the country, says that bomb blasts cannot be controlled and goes on to further claim that nothing had happened after the 26/11 or Taj episode till this recent bomb blast!
Another debate has been sparked off by the inflow of VIPs in hospitals to see the blast victims. I fully subscribe to the view that such visits be banned in hospitals since the only thing it does is to slowdown the treatment process of the patients.
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