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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mamata - many moods

From Canada: As the trees change colours turning red, purple and orange from lush green. The weather here this fall portends a grim Canadian winter.
Back home, I heard about Mamata's Bijaya Sammelani meeting with the industrialists. Her first meeting with the industrialists in June, after coming to power, is still fresh in my mind. There was a great demand among the industrialists of Kolkata to get an invitation to that Belvedere Road meeting organised by Mamata Banerjee. Those who did not get the invitation made an all out effort through their channels and contacts - from the Writers' to Raisina - to procure an invitation card.
I wonder why there was such a desperation to be there at the meeting. It is because all of them wanted to set up industrial projects in the state or they just wanted to show their presence in order to countenance a show of solidarity with the new regime. Or was it they were worried by the fact that not being invited would dent their social standing and reputation as top industrialists.
Industrialists are always on the right side of the fence. They are with those who are in power. This is their compulsion given the nature and character of India's socio-economic set. The first impact of parivartan was most visible among the industrialists.
During the Pujas in Kolktata I happened to meet Mamata Banerjee thrice. Once at the book release of Moner Manush, then at the luncheon meet with Bhutan's Prime Minister at the Raj Bhawan hosted by the Governor of West Bengal M K Narayanan and finally at the house of Arun Bhutoria where she came to console the bereaved family members after his death.
I have seen her in three different moods over a short period of time. She was so much immersed into films and literature during the book release. She was extremely diplomatic, cheerful and soft at the Raj Bhawan . She was full of affection while talking to Arun's wife Suchandra and giving her moral courage and support to tide over the person loss of dear one. The way she comforted grief-stricken Suchandra, I must say she truly lives up to her name.
The elan with which she conducts herself, adapting to different situations, truly is the hallmark of a true leader or rather the leader of the masses. Weather a local matter or national or international issue, Mamata has always stood her ground and for the larger interests of Bengal.
I heard that the recent meeting with the industrialists was different from the previous one as Mamata Banerjee extended her support on the matter of land and land procurement.
In this second meeting with the industrialists Mamata adopted a pragmatic approach by taking the prospective investors into confidence and also assured them them land would not be a stumbling block for serious investors in the state.
Her candid approach has reassured many industrialists who were little disheartened after the first meeting. Mamata is a tireless surefooted worker and I am sure she would work earnestly towards bringing Bengal out of the morass it has fallen into. However, one of the greatest challenges for Mamta Banerjee would be to put in place or restore a neutral administration as she has promised.
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