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Friday, October 7, 2011

My friend in hospital

October 6, 2011: This morning I was in my office. Around noon time, I got a call informing me that my closest friend Arun Bhutoria was rushed straight to the Bellevue from The Park Hotel gym.
My first thoughts were that it must be something to do with the fluctuation of glucose levels or over exertion while exercising, for only yesterday night I had gone to their Pretoria Street home for dinner around midnight.
By the time I reached the hospital, I got another call saying that Arun had suffered a major cardiac infraction. At the time of admission to the hospital, his pulse was almost zero but with all the modern medical techniques - from artificial pumping of the heart, electric shock to putting a pace maker - his heart was revived and his pulse beat was back to normal.
I must confess that I have very little knowledge about heart ailments or things medical and also of outdoor sports. But what I heard and understood is that the human brain can work for a maximum period of five minutes without oxygen. In the case of cardiac arrest, the oxygen supply to the brain is affected due to restricted flow of blood as result the brain gradually stops functioning.
The doctor informed us that we have to wait and watch for 48 hours as the problem was with the brain and not the heart which had stabilised. There is no reason to doubt what the doctors say since Arun is a non-smoker, always abstained from alcohol and maintained a disciplined regime completing dinner by 9 pm.
I am really worried about him.
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