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Friday, November 4, 2011

From Asian Encounters Conference

I arrived from Delhi late last night after attending the Representations of Asian Art in Asian Museums session of the Asian Encounters Conference.
The speakers at the conference were:
The Chairperson: Gauri Krishnan, ‘Asian Civilizations Museum, Singapore’s experiences of setting up the museum and its related challenges’ (Indian Heritage Centre, National Heritage Board, Singapore)
Kenson Kwok, ‘Singapore’s Perakanan Museum – making the case, conceptualising and presenting a unique regional cultures’ (Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore).
Janet tee Siew Mooi, ‘Museum as a custodian of National culture: Its role in preserving the Malaysian heritage (National Textile Museum, Kuala Lumpur)
Carol Cains, ‘Uses of enchantment: Cultural discovery through the exhibition experience and beyond’ (National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne)
I was rather impressed to see the similarity between Asian arts and Asian museums in various countries of the world.
Before attending the session, I had lunch with WFUNA Secretary General, Bonian
Golmohammadi, Finance and Administration Officer, Allen Abi-Yaghi, Programme Officer, Ann McKittrick and Irene Martinetti who is taking care of WFUNA Geneva office. Also present at the lunch was Jay Jethwa and Mr N Krishnamani, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India. In the evening, I had a private dinner with a family member.
On November 3, I attended the Finance Committee meeting and also took part in the first day of WFUNA 202nd Executive Committee Meeting. I had already informed New York Secretariat that I wouldn't be participating in the November 4th EXCO meeting as there are two to three days in a year on which I prefer to be on my own and November 4 happens to be one of those days.
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