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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

At the St James Crowne Plaza London

St James Crown Plaza, London: I arrived in London this morning from New York. As expected, the security at the JFK Airport when I boarded yesterday nigh was tight due to the precautionary measures taken on account of 9/11.
I came into London via Kuwait Airways. This was my first flight on this airlines and perhaps also my last. I had heard that it wasn't a good airlines and even the charges were much lesser than other airlines. The service, even in the first class, was a lot poorer than expected.
I flew out to the Emirates from Kolkata en route to New York via Dubai. I would be flying back to Kolkata from London by the same airlines via Dubai. I opted for this sector and the Kuwait Airlines because of a meeting in New York on the evening of Sept 11 and also had to attend another one on Sept 12 afternoon in London. The timings of this airlines suited me.
There is no way I am comparing it with the Emirates but it was a great relief to learn that Air India and Kuwait Airlines have a sharing code and the New York-London sector being the prime sector for any airlines in the world would try to do their best. I, however, think that one should not settle for this airlines even if it costs less. The first class seats are like those of the ordinary business class in which I could not even recline properly. The aircraft was dirty and smelly and no request for meals were entertained. It is said “You get what you pay for” - so why to complain.
The good thing was that it landed at the Heathrow about an hour before schedule and I was on time for my meeting in London.
ess bee

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