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Thursday, September 6, 2012

In New York for WFUNA

September 6, 2012, Millennium Hotel, New York: I arrived in New York yesterday from Dubai after a nearly 15-hour direct flight. The flight was full as expected. The A380 wide bodied aircraft of Emirates are much sought after and have always been in demand since these were introduced.
I got the same room in Millennium Hotel where I had stayed about three weeks back when I was here. As I entered the Hotel I could sense that something was on as the senior staff of the Hotel were all in the lobby and in one of the corners there were champagne trays for the guests.
The Millennium Hotel yesterday started their newly renovated tower block and changed its name to ONE UN hotel (picture). I have been hearing about if for the past two years and was aware of the kind of effort the current General Manager of the Hotel, Wanda Chen, has put in.
I also heard that of the five floors which were supposed to be operational yesterday only two floors have begun operations. This meant only about 40 rooms were available for the guests and many of them, who had booked rooms, had to put up at other hotels.
Although I have been a frequent visitor, I was lucky to get a room of my choice here even after checking in late during the day.
I spent the whole of today in World Federation of United Nations Associations (WFUNA) office working for tomorrow's Executive Committee meeting and also few other meetings with respect to the forthcoming annual meet in Brazil in mid November 2012.
I must mention that the warm spell of weather in New York continues with temperature touching 30 degrees.
ess bee

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