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Saturday, November 24, 2012

At the Step by Step School's Annual Day function

November 24, 2012, Hotel Rajputana Sheraton, Jaipur: I arrived here yesterday morning from Kolkata. The Rajputana lobby which was under renovation has been partly opened now. I do not like the new look of the lobby and the bar and it seems a little too too loud for this top tourist destination. The previous lobby and the bar had a certain charm and elegance.
With Raza Murad
Yesterday afternoon, after an informal lunch with Rajasthan Forum members, I attended the meeting of the Rajasthan Forum in which the proposed Shree Music Festival was discussed at length. Few other proposals have also been discussed by the Forum members.
After a couple of meetings with individuals, and late in the evening, I went to the Step by Step High School's 11th Annual Day as the Guest of Honour with film star Raza Murad.
Owner of the school, Jayashree Periwal (pic) and Rupinder Periwal, are good friends of mine. The construction of the school building turned out to be far more beautiful than what we had imagined. On our way, Raza told me that this building seemed to be a school. To which I had said that “I think it is either a fort or a resort”. But Raza was right. It was also his birthday yesterday.
I have plans to fly to Kolkata in the morning but I shall try to get an evening flight if I can manage to get a seat on the evening flight. Being a wedding season the Kolkata-Jaipur flights are all full.
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