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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Rio – the bong connection

Rio has a strong bong connection. The first Indian who came to this city in modern times was Mr Ashok Mukherjee. He first went to Germany in a bicycle from India in 1928 and there he married a Polish lady called Analise and then they both migrated to Rio de Janerio round 1935-36. Ashok died sometime in the 1980s while his wife Analise lived to a ripe old age of 101 years.
I was surprised to know about this fact from Prof Rajgopal Krishnaswamy who knew the couple. He also told me about one more person from Bengal called Amit Bhaya who is married to a Brazilian and is currently a professor of electrical engineer here. 
In Rio de Janeiro
His father was or is still serving as a member of the Planning Commission, India.
Recently one more Prof Das has come and settled in Rio. But the most important connection is the statue of a Bengali that was erected at a place called Praca Calcuta. This square Praca Calcuta (picture) was named in his memory and honour. 
He was a soldier who has fought the French for the Portuguese. His statue was erected here in 1827.
Another fellow Bengali, Rajat Chanda, wanted to know about who this Bengali was and he discovered from the records available at a 17th Century church located next to the Praca Calcuta
He found that his name was Bose and he was even put to rest there in 1827. Prof Chanda is now settled in California where he teaches physics.
I was very disappointed to learn that since not many people knew about Bose, his statue was replaced by that of a Brazilian poet some 10 years back.
I did see a video from Professor Rajagopal and his wife Mallika and also took a 10-year-old picture of him with his wife standing in front of enigmatic Mr Bose's statue (pic).

We have done so much for Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, why not do something about this Praca Calcuta Bose who also commanded the respect of the locals many years ago.
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